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Generally, dates that equal either 1 or 9 are fortuitous for couples, according to numerology. An example of a date that equals 9, for example, might be November 23, , a Friday wedding date that happens to be the day after Thanksgiving.

What’s Your Perfect Wedding Date? Astrology Has the Answers

Despite this, that weekend is a fairly popular time to be married for Dallas couples, according to the wedding date tool , so you might have some competition for that lucky number! Another way to choose your wedding dates with numerology is to select a date that would equal your marriage number, or one of your life path numbers.

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Find the best wedding dates with numerology, a practice that assigns meaning to numbers and could bring you good or bad luck. Calculating your important numerology figures Numerology organizes people into a few, general types of people, using their birth date.

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Destination Weddings. Married Life. Increase the celeb-worthiness of your event by creating your very own Snapchat Take this quiz to find out which big-screen wedding planner would be tasked with Throughout the summer, July and August have several favorable dates, as well as early to mid-fall, especially October, with the 25th, 26th, and 30th being mentioned by astrologers as advantageous wedding dates for most signs.

Lucky Capricorns can marry anytime this year, while Scorpios will have lasting unions but may experience some turmoil. Be aware that some months are more likely to have Venus, the planet that represents love, in retrograde, which will not bode well for the outcome of your union, and dates where Mars is under stress could lead to arguments and opposition. For a long-lasting life together, look out for dates where a waxing moon trine or a sextile Venus, Jupiter, Sun, or Saturn is present.

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  • Something else to consider is that every sign in the zodiac has a discrete and detailed natal chart based on your birth date, time and location. With Pluto and Saturn ruling their houses this year, it makes for strong partnerships and relationships that will help transform their lives and create lasting unions. Scorpios can wed this year, but be aware that most dates will result in stressful situations and a more stern outcome for your relationship. While your marriage will be long lasting, there could be a trying period before or after you say I do.

    Astrology & Your Wedding Date - Big Sky Astrology with April Kent

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