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Here's what Gemini season has in store for you, according to your zodiac sign:.

Using Intellectual Curiosity

You're multitasking, Aries. With the sun and Mercury activating your third house of communication and immediate network, you'll be busy running errands and likely craving more variety within your exchanges. Speak up, Taurus. With the sun and Mercury buzzing through your second house of values and self-worth, you'll be a lot more focused on your finances and the things that bring you pleasure.

Happy Solar Return, Gemini. Both the sun and your ruling planet Mercury are traveling through your sign and as a result, you're as chatty as ever. This is a great time to network and collaborate with your peers.

Gemini Sign Dates & Traits

Let's face it, Cancer: With the sun and Mercury igniting your secretive 12th house of all things behind-the-scenes, you'll be lost in thought and perhaps a bit anxious. Make sure you rest up. It's not what you know, it's who you know With the sun and Mercury energizing your humanitarian-like 11th house of friendship groups, you'll be ready to connect with like-minded individuals who share similar hopes and dreams.

Show the world who's boss, Virgo. The sun and your ruling planet are dancing over your reputation sector and you're buzzing with ambition. You shine when you put in the work, and you wouldn't have it any other way. You're on a journey, Libra.

Aries: You're A Busy Bee

Please help improve it to make it understandable to non-experts , without removing the technical details. June Learn how and when to remove this template message. From the medieval Georgian manuscript of a 12th-century astrological treatise. Gemini by Willem Blaeu , The Zodiac. Categories : Western astrological signs Divine twins.

Gemini Traits-Positive and Negative Characteristics |

Hidden categories: Use mdy dates from May Wikipedia articles that are too technical from June All articles that are too technical Wikipedia articles needing clarification from June Commons category link from Wikidata. Namespaces Article Talk. Lack of stability they show to their partners with their expectations extremely high, don't reflect on family as much, and they seem to have a more modest and calm approach to those he shared a home with. Although responsibilities carried by their family life can stand to be a challenge for their nature, they will find a magical way to be in two places at once, getting everything done just as they are supposed to.

In constant need of intellectual stimulation, the most suitable job for a Gemini has to be challenging to their brain. They are skillful, inventive and often very smart, with a need for a dynamic working environment and a lot of social contacts met in the office. The best careers they can choose are those of traders, inventors, writers, orators, preachers and lawyers , but any career that gives them the opportunity to communicate freely while keeping them on the move and busy at all times, is an excellent choice.

As if they were created for multitasking, problem solving and bringing new ideas to life, they need a workplace that won't keep them stuck in a routinely, repetitive tasks that don't allow them to shine. Deciding between practicality and pleasure can be a difficult choice for Gemini. Even though they believe that money is just a necessary evil, most of them will not spend much time thinking where to earn it or how they spent it.

They need strong grounding to keep their finances in check and organized, giving them a sense of confidence and security they often don't even know they need.

Moon in Gemini horoscope (All about Gemini Moon zodiac sign)

A Gemini man is enthusiastic and full of life, never disappointing with dull moments. He is adventurous and humorous, and this makes him the perfect partner if a person is energetic and dynamic, in search for some laughter and fun. Gemini men are naturally chatty and flirtatious, and you can meet them at public gatherings, conferences, and traffic jams.

2. Pick up a blue lace agate touchstone.

Their personality is marked by dualism, making them inconsistent but clever, and amazingly attractive to others. This man is impossible to cling to, and need a partner who gives him enough freedom and space, followed by mental stimulation and variety. To win his heart, one has to be fun, stimulating, adventurous, laughing at his jokes and ready to learn from him day after day.

As if opposed to his eloquent nature, this isn't a man ready to discuss emotions that much, and will prefer if they are shown rather than spoken of. Sex with a Gemini man can be a wonderful experience, but if his partner is unwilling to experiment, he will get bored. As in all things in life, he needs new experiences, verbal contact, and freedom of expression when it comes to sexual relationships.

If you want to attract a Gemini woman, you will have to be able to keep up with her dual nature. She can be passionate and gentle one moment, and aloof and distant the next. This is a result of her natural born tendency to stay safe and on a distance from other people, prepared to run off into a carefree love story that waits for her just around the corner.

This is an enthusiastic, witty, intellectual and soft spoken woman, while at the same time extremely open-minded and always ready to meet someone new. Although a Gemini woman is usually not very shy, getting in a serious and committed relationship will take time and a lot of patience.

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However, once she finds a man who can satisfy her sexual and intellectual desires, this woman will be the one to suggest starting a family, marriage, and growing old together, although this might happen in an unusual way. She is impressed by partners who teach her new things and have insights that she sees and ingenious. Her sex life is a story to be told, but only to those who are ready to listen, usually the one specific person she finally managed to build true intimacy with.

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