Virgo tarot october 28 2019

Visitors and friends arrive unexpectedly. Business opportunities arise just when you need them. Family celebrations keep you busy. You bag a prestigious assignment. Express your views, as they will be received well. Lucky number 3.

You have clarity of mind, which enables you to keep things in the correct perspective. Personal relationships need to be treated with tender care. Intellectual pride may isolate you from simple people who make loyal friends. Keep your communication lines open. Colour yellow.

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You tend to overwork, indulge in food or drink and go over the top today. Centre within and create a balance, which will be reflected in all areas of life. Avoid getting heavy and serious about life and use your sense of humour to lighten up and celebrate. Lucky number 7.

The family nucleus is strong, even though individuals have their own priorities.

ARIES (March 21 - April 19)

You have a balanced relationship and partnership. Spiritual growth through an experience is on the cards. You socialize with a variety of people and appreciate their views.

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The unexpected is likely to happen today. Someone up there seems to be pulling a few strings to make wonderful things happen for you. Have trust in life and faith in yourself as you go through a difficult time before you come to a business opportunity and gain. Relationships flower with a special quality of love while family feelings are awakened. You can expect to offer and receive hospitality as friends gather around.

Business booms and new opportunities for expansion are on the cards! A special trip is on the cards. Financial investments and business plans prove lucrative. Patience and persistence are necessary for opportunities to be manifest and plans to fructify.

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Personal relationships flower into lasting commitments. A material gain improves the quality of your life. Lucky number 1. Here is your horoscope for October 28, Check out what the stars say your day will be like today.

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