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Fifty Shades Darker is a book both the Aquarian soul and Libra born enjoy together. With sexual repression released, Libra is quite expressive. This is the magnificent pleasure of Aquarius. Those born under the sign of the Water-Bearer never have a problem with sexual expression. Both Air Signs communicate their desires with ease.

This allows for the sexual relationship to serve as a relationship pillar. The stronghold is second only to their shared intellects and gifts for conversation. When it comes to public perception, Libra is always thinking about it. The Libra born needs to feel as if the public sees them as a good person.

Aquarius could not be more different in this department. These attributes are hard to change in the Libra-born and Aquarian alike. The lines of communication the Aquarius and Libra love match must remain open. It is the only way the relationship is going to make it. Aquarius needs to vocalize frustrations with Libra, especially when Libra is indecisive. Libra needs to be able to express wants, desires, and feelings. Aquarius will need to learn how to tune into what Libra has to say. Libra needs to consider some of the sound advice Aquarius offers.

The Aquarian born has light-hearted methods for managing social stressors. No one is reading minds here, even if Aquarius has a forward-thinking, progressive mind.

Aquarius compatibility

This romantic couple needs to learn to talk to each other and to drop any assumptions. If pressure builds up in this relationship, Aquarius will be the first to pull the plug on it. This couple has a solid base to work with too. The couple is of similar mind in beliefs, convictions, and their day-to-day practices. The longer they are together, the better.

Each partner gets better at a predicting the needs and preferences of the other. It is inevitable. Aquarius and Libra compatibility promises they will discover intense love. No couple has a perfect union. There are clashes to consider, even with the Aquarius and Libra hookup. Both are Air signs in this pairing. That means there are moments when a partner is fickle or indecisive. A person might be flighty or avoid conflict instead of facing it. On occasion, an airheaded move is not at all out of the question.

With this couple, patience and compassion go a long way. Aquarius and Libra need to remember what they say and do in anger is not retractable. Once words are in the air, they are a permanent expression. This means Aquarius will need to bite their tongue. It does no good to let something sarcastic come out. Libra will need to curb the criticism. It means controlling a negative, impulsive response as Aquarius is prone to do. If Aquarius or Libra love match allows emotions to fester, things can get bitter. The only thing this couple should avoid is passive aggressiveness.

The couple should resolve issues with immediacy. It is better than poisoning the relationship with a constant undertone of negativity. Polarity refers to energies. These energies are masculine and feminine or yang and yin. The two air signs, Aquarius and Libra, are both masculine, yang signs. This means both signs have drive, are action-oriented, and projective or aggressive.

The two signs understand each other better because they share this yang energy. This means they can serve as motivation for one another. They can also help each other through challenges and obstacles. If this pair gets pushy with one another, a power struggle ensues. When talking of aspects and astrology, the discussion involves the distance between signs. One factor influencing Aquarius and Libra compatibility is the signs are trine. This makes the two zodiac signs four signs apart. Trine signs have a common element, as Aquarius and Libra share the sign of Air.

They feel quite comfortable with one another. When they are together, this couple can make the other feel right at home. There is an undertone of similarity, harmony, and kinship.

When signs are trine, they tend to have an ease of understanding each other. Because both signs know the emotions and motives of the other. This couple accepts one another, no questions asked. They understand the flaws of the human condition and embrace them whole-hearted. Note, there is danger in familiarity.

The word familiar is close to the word boring. What does this kind of relationship look like? Both Libra and Aquarius are hungry for adventure. Sounds like a relationship made in heaven. Indeed, when all is well, it is a relationship other people will covet. But, there are struggles between two people with the same influencing element.

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Overthinking things is one of the habits Aquarius and Libra share. Libra is more prone to procrastinating because they are all in their head planning. Balance is essential to Libra where Aquarius wants to have fun. Over socialization with peers is also an issue. The Aquarius and Libra love match may become scattered.

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Then they forget to spend quality time with one another. Both partners approach challenges and the world with a creative edge. With an intellect to match, the Aquarius and Libra team inspire one another. The Libra Aquarius pair is also both very trusting people. Because of this, they will have no problem moving the relationship into the bedroom. And this is where the fun begins, for she excels at mind games and he matches her step for step.

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Although this pairing develops trust with ease, they still struggle in the bedroom. When the bedroom door closes, the first few encounters are awkward. Once she gets a sense of safety and comfort, then she lets go a bit, and the sex becomes more intense. Aquarius is one who loves experimentation. Libra likes new things too, so some experimentation ends up on the menu. There are some pitfalls this otherwise happy couple faces. This leaves Libra questioning what the heck her partner is thinking.

Libra is the relationship harmonizer. She keeps things in balance. Sometimes this is much to the annoyance of Aquarius. Those born under the sign of the water bearer who finds being out of balance quite adventurous. Financial issues can also arise from this mix.

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Venus-ruled Libra loves posh, lovely items. She is attractive to great buys and beautiful things. This means she is a bit of a spendthrift. This attitude clashes with the more frugal nature of the Aquarius man.

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Spending can become a source of debate in the Aquarius and Libra relationship. An Aquarius woman and Libra man make an exciting couple. They will have their ups and downs, but if they compromise, the relationship is beautiful.

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Of course, the stubborn Aquarius woman might be difficult to compromise with too. The Aquarius woman might find the Libra man a bit too comfortable with the home environment. Fun for a half hour, yes. Adventurous, no. The Aquarian woman can be forceful, obstinate, and pushy. She wants things the way she wants the relationship. In this Aquarius and Libra love match, the Aquarian woman is outspoken.

When Aries-Aquarius relationships are functioning at their best, these two are the ultimate team. The fierce inner drive of the Aries will encourage and motivate the Aquarius to aim high in everything that they do. Since Fire signs and Air signs have a shared love for excitement and new experiences you can expect all sorts of crazy and wild adventures. Whilst short-term romances between Aries and Aquarius are common and relatively problem-free, longer-term relationships can reveal some personality clashes that may cause problems as they go on.

Both of these signs have a bit of a temper on them, and at times love to debate a point a little too much. If they allow their competitive sides to get the better of themselves, they can find themselves trying to one up the other as they drive each other nuts! It might take time and dedication, but if these two remain committed to each other the investment can pay off BIG time.

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They can become intoxicated with each others aura finding the rest of the world just fading into the background becoming irrelevant. Love between them is dynamic, energetic and bound by no rules. Time will fly by as they share their greatest passions with each other, whilst discovering a few new ones along the way. Even when these two are having problems, it can be a very different story when it comes to the bedroom. They have a powerful natural sexual chemistry and together can be kinda wild.

For all of their raw passion however, their sex can sometimes feel somewhat detached and unemotional. That said, they sure do have fun though! Successful marriages between the Aries and Aquarius can be rare because truth be told, many relationships fizzle out before any talk of wedding bells. If they can nurture that same free-going, fun-loving spirit that made them fall in love with each other in the first place they can even make it last for life!

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