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Only top level domains Avoid suspicious sites. Recently compiled lists: Top 13 digital cameras' stores websites. Top 10 educational apps reviews websites. Top 10 UK electrical safety websites. Top 7 architecture photography websites. Top 9 best free wallpapers websites. Most of the children would in any case be able to register fairly good progress in their pursuits. This of course would be very satisfying for parents. Discipline may not be very high but this would not seriously hamper the performance of most people. Cancer is the most vulnerable sign in the zodiac and you hate to rock the boat in your relationships for fear of rejection and abandonment.

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The key with Saturn retrograde in Cancer is to consciously decide to be your own mother and father and to know that YOU can decide to always be there for your inner child. Somehow you may feel anxiety and insecurity because you think it threatens your privacy, you will feel more self-confident and self-empowered if you stand up for yourself during this month.

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Good news during this month regarding progress and changes in professional life might pour in. You would be definitely successful in making new experiments and in addition to that you shall also be travelling for accomplishing your targets. This month plans related to overseas work can be encouraged and if you wish to start some new venture you would be certainly successful.

The 6th house Saturn can help you in getting transferred to a place of choice.

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Rahu Ketu Transit Cancer Sign. Financially it is going to turn out to be an average month. There would be continuity and stability in the inflow of money but because of increased expenses it would be a tough task to save money. You might have to spend money on your health too. You would be successful in terms of making investment for securing your future.

You would also be investing on property, progress of children and performing some auspicious ceremony at home. For family life it is going to turn out to be an average month but you might not be able to give enough time to your relatives in the beginning of the month however there shall remain an atmosphere of peace and harmony in the family.

You shall have good relations with your children and the planetary transit is also excellent for their progress. This would be a beneficial month for children. The time period is auspicious for conceiving too. Your children would attain progress and the good news related to children shall pour in. Educationally also progress can be expected.

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Your child of marriageable shall get married. You would be enjoying cooperation of your children. The progress of your children would enhance your reputation. For your good health follow a disciplined life style and follow healthy and nutritious diet chart religiously. Your working efficiency, happiness, positive energy and will power would go on increasing throughout the month. This month shall prove to be highly favourable for your career and competitive examination. The 6th house Saturn is excellent for getting success in competitive examination.

Those who are doing some kind of consultation or technical work would be getting great success in their career. This month you would be able to win over your adversaries and enemies. This would be a month of travel and investment and you would be travelling extensively and all journeys would bring in gains, new opportunities, recreation and lot of happiness for you.

You would be spending lot of money on journeys and there is probability of foreign education too and in addition to that there are chances of going on pilgrimage. You may find that what once attracted you no longer does. Or, on the other hand, you may feel attracted to something or someone brand new. This month horoscope predicts that the Sun, your sign lord, flows into Pisces on the 18th of February, highlighting the part of your chart where you merge your energies with others at the deepest levels — emotionally, psychologically, spiritually, financially, sexually.

Be direct, straightforward and honest with those closest to you. It is going to turn out to be a great month professionally. The aspect of Jupiter on 10th house would bring in professional progress. You would get support and cooperation of seniors. You are likely to get benefitted from share market and speculation.

This month you would be getting opportunity to work with an esteemed business organization. Your working efficiency would help you to perform actively in your area of work.

Those doing job can expect promotion. Rahu Ketu Transit Leo Sign. Financially it is going to be a favourable month. There shall be continuity in the inflow of money. You are likely to buy a new property or vehicle. Sudden financial gain is indicated and you would be getting your blocked money too. The investment in business would certainly prove to be profitable. Auspicious Date Calculation and Yogas. You will be cooperative and this attitude of yours is beneficial for earning better financial gains.

The current time period is suitable for making investment. There would be an atmosphere of love, laughter, peace and harmony at home. You can definitely expect the support of parents and family. There is strong probability during this month that the good news of welcoming new member in the family might pour in.

The worries related to children would come to an end. You would be enjoying the cooperation of your children. The newly wedded couple can expect the birth of child in the family and this time period is favourable for conceiving also. This month your children would get success in technical field, technology and science. The credibility of your children as professional would go on increasing.

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Your health would be remaining perfectly fine and you would be satisfied, fit and fine emotionally and mentally. You would be inclined to learn Yoga and exercise. It is an excellent month for students. They would easily get success in their career. The new opportunities of employment are waiting for you. There is strong probability of abroad travel in the beginning of the month. Those doing job are likely to get transferred to their place of choice.

You would be travelling to your native place or else to that place where your mother resides. This is going to remain an average month professionally and you may face some difficulties on professional front. During that time you shall have to keep your confidence intact so that you succeed in accomplishing your targets.

Those doing job are likely to get transferred during that time. They are advised to seek the cooperation and support of their seniors. You may get sudden opportunities to rise on professional front. Rahu Ketu Transit Virgo Sign. It is going to prove to be an average month financially. Some sudden financial gains would eventually help you to get rid of your old debts. During this month your some money might get spent on the health of some family member. You might remain worried because of the continuous intervention of obstacles in the repair work of some old house.

You would be spending money on property.

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You are advised to enhance your power of resistance at that time as otherwise it would become bit difficult for you to take situation under control. You should have control on your tongue and be balanced in your language. Take care of the health of your parents. This month would be a favourable month for your children.

Your children would struggle very hard to be successful. Their intelligence and focused approach shall help them do better. For your first child there are strong probabilities of frequent journeys and increase in expenditure. Your second child might remain worried mentally but stability on professional front would remain intact.

You may face some health issues during this month and there shall be ups and downs in general health especially with the intervention of diseases like joint pain, blood pressure, headache, gas or mental stress. Taking assistance of Ayurveda, Meditation and Yoga would certainly help.

You should get up before sun rise and go for a walk. Significance of Nine planets in vedic astrology. It would be a good month for students and you can expect easy success in career. You would be able to get new opportunities of getting employment in this month. This month is auspicious for getting success in competitive examination. You should work sincerely and avoid lethargic attitude.

It would prove to be a favourable month for short journeys which would prove beneficial also for you. You might visit some important place of pilgrimage this month. All your kooky, eclectic friends come out of the woodwork now and you love it, as they mirror that part of you that wants to challenge convention. Professionally it is going to be a favourable month. In the beginning of the month there shall be sudden financial gains for you. Business persons are may go ahead on execution stage to expand their business as much as they can and for this purpose they should be investing more and more money.

Those who are waiting for their transfer to a suitable place of choice shall have to wait till March. You will be getting cooperation of your seniors as a result of which you would be able to earn reputation at work place. Rahu Ketu Transit Libra Sign. Financially it would be an excellent month. There are very strong indications of continuity in financial gains. You would be able to increase your saving potential for the consolidation of your financial position. You would be spending money on the celebration of auspicious ceremonies in the family. If your money is blocked then you expect to get it back.

You might get money from senior family member or maternal side. This is a good time for investment. From family point of view it is going to prove to be an excellent month. The transit of Jupiter in second house indicates that you shall be getting cooperation of whole family and in addition to that there shall remain atmosphere of happiness, peace and harmony in the family.

This month is favourable for the health, education and career of your children. If they are of marriageable people then the possibility of marriage can also not be ruled out. Your health would remain good during this month. Your working efficiency and immunity would increase. The atmosphere of happiness in the family shall keep you happy and tension free. For enhancing your power of immunity you are advised to take interest in Yoga and meditation etc. Be a pure vegetarian, live a disciplined life style and get up before Sun rise every day. This month is good for attaining success in competitive examinations.

You can expect to get employment in this month. Those aspiring to get technical education might get opportunity to go abroad. Actually time period at present is auspicious for getting admission in the field of technical and industrial education. It would be a good month for your journeys. There are probabilities of abroad journeys too and in the month of April you shall be travelling because of your work. In long journey you shall have to be cautious about your health.

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