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The universe wants us to live a miraculous life, Heaven on earth so to speak, and the first step to this is to believe in your own power. You at the beginning of a very important process, you are more powerful than you know, so set your intention today. Imagine you are shopping, write a list of all the things you desire, and send your list to the heavens via your mind.

Know that your order has been placed, all you have to to is imagine how good it will feel to hold your desires in your hands when they are delivered to you. Once you go there in the body, you can go there in your mind. Create a morning ritual, of speaking to the universe and watch how quickly Magic will enter your daily life. Ask, believe, and you will receive. When we fall in love, we feel the power of our emotions manifesting within us and we awaken to the potential that surrounds us.

The treasure that given to you today is a gift from the goddess Psyche. She is asking you to awaken to your emotional self, your creative self and to allow your imagination to run free. She is offering herself as your muse and a source of inspiration to allow yourself to fall in love with your true inner beauty and your unique divine soul.

By allowing yourself to feel emotion on a deep level, you will transform and reunite with the eternal love that is who you truly are; you do not have to search for love from another, you are love, it is who you are, where you come from and where you will return. Once you fall in love with your inner self, your outer self will radiate it and then others will fall in love with you too. Love is wonder, it comes from inner beauty and feeling emotion. Only when you love yourself can you become a lover and a beloved. Only when you desire yourself can you be desired by another.

Fall in love with yourself and you will rise in love with the world. Your soul is about to awaken and ascend, you will soon experience love on a very different level to what you have experienced up until now. Be ready for a very fertile time is upon you. True success and greatness is as blinding as the sun. True success is when you can inspire others and when you strive to bring light to the world. She has been giving psychic readings for most of her life, becoming a professional psychic in Her clientele spans the world and includes several hundred persons who seek her counsel on a regular basis in personal meetings and by telephone.

Along with these in-depth sessions, Pandora is also in constant demand for multiple readings at parties from intimate groups to gatherings as large as the Gala Balls for the Evening Associates of The Art Institute of Chicago, major advertising agencies and charitable events.

Your Weekly Horoscope for September 30-October 6:

Approach to Topics. A sensational psychic medium, Pandora provides amazingly accurate readings and incredible insight about life's path, questions, and how you can shape your personal destiny. Pandora will help you to transform your present and future! Please allow time for your reading - a one minute reading is not a good idea for the reader or the client - it doesn't allow enough time to answer your questions completely or to hear what information spirit has to share with you :.

Written Reviews All Reviews. I love you Pandora for the energy and foresight you share You keep me grounded! Twitter followers 6, Astrology readings by Leah Whitehorse. Frequency about 1 post per week.

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