Leo horoscope and traits

So you're someone who is constantly cheering others on, and putting a light on what makes him or her special.

The Leo Man

If there are other grandiose factors in the chart, you become someone who exaggerates her own achievements or takes credit due to others. You have a healthy ego, but it goes too far when not balanced with a sense of your place in the scheme of things. A strong Leo will make things happen. But if it's used to intimidate others, you'll quickly get bad PR. You're able to create a powerful "brand" from your persona but will have to watch that it doesn't become a blast weapon used against weaker souls. That's known as throwing your weight around to get what you want.

12 Good and Bad Traits of Leo 2019

And using the strength of your personality to get it. A negative Leo Rising needs attention all the time and sulks if it's not the quality presence they require. Leo has that regal attitude, and at its worst, it comes out in disdain for those they see as less amazing than they are.

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Personality Traits: sunny, playful, affectionate, joyful, adventurous, self-confident, prideful. Body and Style: big mane of hair, designer labels, luxurious fabrics, sophisticated lines, gold jewelry, red skin-hair tones, freckles. Updated September 28, When it comes to careers, a Leo will usually choose jobs that have a high pay grade. They like their luxury and material things, so money is something that will be at the forefront of their minds.

This works well enough, because they love to be the leader - meaning they often do well being the top boss and owning their own businesses. They can often have some trouble when they first start off in a job and have to deal with upper management and taking orders from others. But when allowed to take the initiative and make the decisions, they will inspire others to be strong and decisive. Their pride can make them difficult to deal with but this also means they are immensely passionate in their work, and will always want to do the best that they can. Labyrinthos Academy is an online tarot school that aims to bring the ancient ritual of tarot for a modern practice.

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Leo horoscope - Traits, dates and who are Leos most compatible with?

The Lion has dominating personality, which means they are a match made in heaven with Aries, Gemini, Libra and Sagittarius. Learn more about Leo compatibility with other zodiac signs here:. Thanks to their extrovert nature, Leos find it very easy to spend their money on expensive clothes and luxury things that will make them feel like royalty. Leos are not known for managing personal finances very well.

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However, they're born leaders and very charismatic, which makes them good managers. They're responsible employees who know how to remain calm in a time of need. To ensure the job is done properly, Leos would work overtime without any problem. They have the same respect for those below and above them on the success scale. The Leo man loves to impress other people, especially the opposite sex. He loves to show off and often uses his charm to get things done. According to the zodiac Leo male loves to be the center of attention and is always surrounded by a group of people.

He is independent, dominating, bossy and perfectionist. The Leo man is almost always in a playful mood and never takes something seriously, which can be irritating at times. He has a weird sense of insecurity when his loved ones starts to ignore or overlook him and this insecurity is transformed into anger sometimes. In a relationship, he is romantic, passionate and generous and is not afraid of public display of affection. A relationship with a Leo male is not always easy, as certain situations outside the relationship may set him off from time to time.

However, stability and words of encouragement can be the anchor to keep the Leo man off drifting into dangerous waters. The Leo woman is confident, loving, arrogant, aggressive, creative and generous. She carries herself in a manner that is extremely inspiring and she expects royal treatment from everyone around her. She is beautiful and sensual and never fails short of male attention. The Leo female is not satisfied with ordinary things — she has a superior taste and strives for greatness.

She loves a life full of luxury and extravagance and can go to any extent to live such a life. The Leo woman is caring and she loves to be surrounded by her family members and close friends. In a relationship, the Leo woman can be extremely jealous and possessive. However, she is never clingy and she is totally committed to keeping and maintaining a happy and fulfilling relationship. You're a true attention and pleasure seeker, and will bring you plenty of the things you love most.

Leo Traits

However, your rewards will come if you show the Universe that you can tame your ego and minimize the drama in your life. Life is a stage for you, Leo, and while sometimes this dramatic philosophy works well for you and brings you the attention you want, at other times it brings you distress.

In February, you will feel like you're being tested, as a number of obstacles involving family, money, and career will face you. Don't get angry and frustrated during these trials, try to stay calm and listen to the other side. This softer approach will help you sail smoothly through these demanding times. In August, you will find yourself feeling on fire and you will be burning to try out something new, whether it be in business or love.

The Personality of a Leo, Explained

However, this is not the time to blaze, so take it easy and wait until December when you can finally relight your fire. You're fiery and one of the most passionate zodiac signs, which means that you always seek pleasure in your personal relationships. When Saturn moves into Sagittarius in January, you may experience tension in your relationship, so you must be careful of your high demands during this time. Your fiery passion can be overpowering to your partner at times, so remember to give them space and let them breathe.

August is the perfect month for love, romance, and passion, so if you're looking for a partner, this is the best time of the year. You will need to make some big health changes this year, Leo. You're always seeking and this usually lead you to unhealthy choices, so you should spend the first few months of , focusing on making some lifestyle changes.

Try to eat a balanced diet by eliminating processed foods and start a strength training regimen. Your chances for health problems increase in April and August, but you can avoid all of this if you make a change in lifestyle habits. Take even better care of yourself than usual; get extra sleep, stay hydrated, eat more vegetables and fruits, and reduce your stress and anger through meditation.

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  8. If you stick to your new health regimen, by the end of this year you will definitely see positive results. You live for attention and drama, but in February you will need to focus on professionalism. Don't let your ego overcome your work and keep the drama under control, as it could be a detriment to your career. In April, you should take the advice from your co-worker, even though you will want to argue your opinion.

    In August, when Saturn directs in Scorpio, you will have fun at work. At this time, you will experience flattery and appreciation. When it comes to finances, at the beginning of this year you will be struggling with growing expenses. Your expenses can be easily reduced, because much of your money goes for things you want, rather than what you need.

    In April, you may experience some huge financial problems, so you will have to find a way to resolve the problem peacefully with very little stress and drama involved. With the shining Sun as your ruler, you're a brave, ambitious, charismatic sign that lives for attention and loves the spotlight.

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