Gemini horoscope born october 28

So, plan out the finances with long-term investment strategy that lead to good returns. You should also keep provision for unwanted contingencies. Newlyweds and ones in love will have a very good time. There will be cheer and cozy moments, assures Ganesha. This week will keep you busy with occupational activities. Business fellows need to formulate a strong strategy in terms of roping in potential customers and boosting the sales.

Benevolent Jupiter seems to support business fellows on this count. Wily Saturn, according to its nature, may test your strength and endurance. Make sure that you go well with the test and give your best. It seems that you are going to meet some relatives in the extended family and incur some family related expenses. Career oriented folks may feel elevated, on being entrusted with a complex, lengthy job.

To handle the same without much stress, you need to brush up all your skills, reminds Ganesha. You will be out-spoken, but not very confident. A change is on the horizon. Have you been looking for a job? Then, a fruitful opportunity may arise. Some of you may be changing their residence, while a few may be handed over a transfer order. Professionals may also get a better designation and remuneration, portend the stars. As a business person, you may now explore new territories - to boost sales, or may launch a new product. A game-changer of sorts may be expected here.

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The progress will be slow but steady, feels Ganesha. Love birds keen on tying the nuptial knot may not get the cosmic nod — for now. Have a heart, and hang on a bit longer. Things will change soon — for better. Later in the week, two significant planetary changes take place — Mercury moves to a fiery Sign — so watch your words; and Venus re-enters Libra — in retrogression. Your educational and material endeavours will be supported by Jupiter, but love vibes may diminish for a while.

However, planets in your birth chart would be a precise indicator of this. Businesses may gain from foreign connections and networks.

Venus enters Sagittarius

Professionals, however, may not be comfortable with their present work-place. If you are thinking of changing your job, Ganesha would like to inform you that the current astral flavor is not supportive. So, go slow, and do your best to perform well in current assignment. Nonetheless, you may keep checking your prospects by floating your CV in the market — and also working on your personal development.

When it comes to love, there may be someone on your mind from your past. Have you recently met this person? Spending on a religious ceremony or pilgrimage is likely.

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Later in the week, two planetary changes take place — Mercury moves to your Sign, while retrograde Venus re-enters Libra. Married ones will make concerted efforts to preserve peace and harmony in their marital life. Things may not go well for you on the occupational front. You need to put in more efforts, maybe! Thankfully, your financial health remains sound, giving you enough cause to cheer.

Singles may be deeply interested in enjoying the pleasures of skin now.


Relationships that get formed now will have the same basis. Benevolent Jupiter has a direct aspect over your 5th House. This zone is linked with progeny, creativity and new projects. This is indicative of the cosmic support for the couples eager to bear a child.

Top 10 Careers For Gemini

If you have been in debt for some time now — this is a good time to start repayments. You will be able to organize funds, which is sure to bring relief. However, continue to watch your expenses, as it would be mandatory for you to maintain a healthy financial position.


With Saturn present in your 12th House, you must plan your finances with a long-term view, keeping enough provision for contingencies. Positive vibes of benevolent Jupiter will help you in manage everything nicely, though, assures Ganesha. Presence of malefic Rahu in your 7th House - in opposition to Mars — may pollute harmony in your marital life. If you are in a partnership business, you may feel quiet confused and angry. Watch this tendency, and try your best to mitigate the situation. Ones studying must do their best to devote ample time to revision of concepts.

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  • Health issues are likely, mostly because you are not giving due attention to your fitness. Seasonal ailments may bother you. Two planetary changes take place later in the week - Mercury shifts to your 11th House, while retrograde Venus re-enters airy Libra. Planetary positions indicate a good, supportive time for couples, eager to bear a child. Parents will have a reason to cheer — as the apple of their eye may bring laurels.

    However, health and learning difficulties of your child or a younger relative may make you, somewhat, anxious. Take care! Love birds are all mushy — but as they say, excess of everything is a trouble. Too much love may lead to squabbles or over-possessive behavior. Give space to your partner, suggests Ganesha. Professionals remain busy, immersed neck deep in work and extra responsibilities. Take out time to relax and refresh yourself. Ever curious Gemini likes to get to the root cause of a story or idea and will dig until they find it out.

    Coupled with their knack of great storytelling, this sets them up to make great reporters and investigative journalist. Other professions that fit within this realm include: Detective, Researcher, Anthropologist, Copywriter. These silver-tongued devils are charming and clever and encountering new people in foreign situations makes this profession fun and challenging. Other professions that fit within this realm include: Foreign Language Teacher, Ambassador.

    Gemini natives love to talk, are lively and entertaining and have a gift for the art of conversation. Their curiosity helps them seek knowledge and understanding from their guests and share it with the world. Other professions that fit within this realm include: Therapist, High School Counselor.

    Agile and manipulative, Geminis are talented spokespeople. Whether they are organizing a fundraising event or orchestrating a communications plan, they know how to multitask with flair and verve. While a novelist works very much alone, the world of ideas, characters and storytelling will keep them engaged and connected to their project—plus there are writing groups to join where they can share all of their ideas with like-minded writers.

    Other professions that fit within this realm include: Blogger, Content Writer, Journalist. From tracking the buying habits of consumers to creating an ad campaign, this field is well suited to the big ideas of Gemini. Other professions that fit within this realm include: Analyst, Art Director, Researcher, Statistician.

    Because Gemini understands science and how it works in the real world, they can use their creative ideas, coupled with proven scientific methods, to help tackle problems. Other professions that fit within this realm include: Architect, Computer Programmer, Electrician. admin